Banaras, The Heritage City of India : Geography, History, and Bibliography .

Banaras, The Heritage City of India : Geography, History, and Bibliography .

Rana P.B. Singh

Summary: This book will serve as a major resource for Banaras studies, urban history, cultural geography, and heritage studies, and can also be used as model frame for similar heritage cities in other parts of the world.

Description: This book describes various facets of geography, history and heritage of Varanasi, the heritage city of India, on/about which a vast historical literature is available. The section on Geography covers the general background of the topography, climate, soils, vegetation, and human landscape. The History sction gives a general brief outline of history, from the ancient to the modern, including a chronological chart. The Bibliography section contains 1276 entries classified into 16 groups: Books, most in English; Research papers & essays etc.

The Recitation of the Vedas

Author: Pierre-Sylvain Filliozat. Translated from the French by T.K. Gopalan.

The earliest Vedic hymns testify already to a high degree of linguistic awareness of its authors. It appears for example in the play on the etymology of words. Thereafter, while the language seems to evolve relatively little, the knowledge of its structures develops considerably. Conservatism and linguistic awareness seem to go hand in hand. That could only have increased the distance between the ‘popular’ language of the non-specialists and the language of the experts in religion, since the former is always capable of a spontaneous evolution. In this situation it is important, for following the evolution of Vedic, to describe the preservationist measures which have influenced its destiny, to determine its environment that consisted of other forms of speech, to uncover the diverse and fluctuating influence of these forms of speech whose own evolution was probably much faster.... More

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